Saradar Capital Holding
Saradar Capital Holding, with its 60 years of heritage, focuses its business along 3 key pillars:
  • Financial services

    Financial services

  • Real estate

    Real estate

  • Alternative investments

    Alternative investments

We are a new breed of strategic holding group.
The investments we seek are specific and highly calibrated to our strategic vision. We take an active role in each of our investment efforts, aligned to core principles:
  • Capability driven

    Capability driven

    We know what we’re good at. This allows us to focus on our core strengths, investing sizeable amounts wisely in selected opportunities that strictly match our expertise.
  • Actively involved

    Actively involved

    We are hands on. We always get involved in the management of our direct investments, ensuring synergies are achieved and efficiencies unlocked for optimal value creation.
  • Disruption oriented

    Disruption oriented

    We want to conquer new ground. This means investing in companies that can change the way their industry works, tapping new sources of value with innovative business models.
  • Risk conscious

    Risk conscious

    We manage risk through diversification. We spread our exposure between developed and developing countries, as well as between mature and growing businesses to optimize our risk-adjusted return on capital.
  • Value focused

    Value focused

    We balance growth with value creation. Before we venture into new expansions, we take care to improve the performance of an existing investment. With solid foundations, growth breeds value.
  • We are progressive and optimistic

    We are progressive and optimistic

    We are driven by the belief that we can shape a better future for our shareholders, business partners, people and community.
  • We are determined

    We are determined

    We look harder to understand things more deeply, and this informs everything we do. We believe in our vision, and it is the passion for what we do that fuels our determination to achieve our goals.
  • We are bold and disruptive

    We are bold and disruptive

    We help bring positive change through disruptive business models and new approaches to business and social initiatives. We are unafraid to take the first step in our marketplaces.
  • We value our shareholders and partners

    We value our shareholders and partners

    We thrive to protect our shareholders and business partners’ interests, and constantly try hard to deliver the value we promise.
  • We are respectful and ethical above all

    We are respectful and ethical above all

    We look for the value in everyone and are committed to establish long-lasting relationships based on transparency, trust, honesty and discretion. We highly encourage open and constructive feedback, and commend equality and respect at the workplace
  • We care for our people and the communities we live in

    We care for our people and the communities we live in

    We take pride in attracting, nurturing and retaining top talent, and we actively participate in supporting and enhancing the vitality of our community.