• Fondation saradar

    Fondation Saradar is a non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the development of Lebanese citizens, promote social welfare and drive solutions for challenges facing the people of Lebanon.

    Mario Saradar established this foundation to perpetuate the values of his late father, Joe Saradar, who strongly believed in and practiced inclusive leadership and humanitarian work.
    Run by Mrs. Maria Saradar since 2012, the foundation has adapted to a changing society facing new social and economic challenges.

    In an effort to overcome the severe economic crisis in Lebanon, and following the horrific Beirut blast on August 4th, 2020, Fondation Saradar has launched the Beirut Relief Program and the Food Security Program. The Beirut Relief Program aims at repairing and rehabilitating the homes of less fortunate people who live in the area that was destroyed by the blast, whereas the purpose of the Food Security Program is to support the agriculture sector in our country, and help feeding underprivileged families.
    Looking to the future, Fondation Saradar aims to remain agile and adaptive to societal change.
  • Saradar CollectionSaradar Collection

    Saradar Collection

    About the collection

    Saradar Collection is an initiative built around a private collection with a public mission to preserve, study and share modern and contemporary art from Lebanon. Continuously expanding, the collection contains more than 300 works of art by over 50 artists dating from 1917 until today. While focused primarily on Lebanese artists, Saradar Collection also contains artworks by regional and international artists with ties to Lebanon. Encompassing both traditional and new media, the collection includes works on paper, painting, photography, video, installation and sculpture.

    Initiated by Mario Saradar in 2012, Saradar Collection is part of Marius Saradar Holding, a family-owned business. It started as a desire to address the lack of institutional collections in the country and to share local artwork with the public. As international interest in Lebanese art is increasing, the initiative's aim is to support local artists and ensure that a significant part of the country’s artistic heritage is preserved and shared. Saradar Collection continues to grow in both the acquisition of works and the development of critical thinking and knowledge around the artworks, and more broadly, art in Lebanon. In addition to making the collection available to the public through the website and exhibition loan program, the collection is also the starting point for programming and research. This includes expanding the archive with previously published texts, commissioning essays and videos, publishing comprehensive books and organizing public and staff programming.

    Words on Works

    Contemporary artists speak about their work in Words on Works, a series of commissioned videos in Saradar Collection. Giving another layer of information and insightful perspective on a work from its creator, the commissioned videos add to the development of supporting materials for the collection’s archive.

    Saradar Publication books

    Continuing its commitment to research, critical thinking and exposure of Lebanese artwork, Saradar Collection collaborates with art publisher Kaph Books to present in-depth publications of artists, artwork or genres related to the collection.
    Saradar Collection
    The collection is accessible to the public via the website and through an extensive exhibition loan program.
    The collection archive continues to expand with the addition of previously published texts, commissioning essays and videos, comprehensive book publications and organized events to form a unique and exceptional depository of art and cultural pieces for Lebanon.