Alternative Solutions
  • LibanPost


    Saradar Capital Holding owns a majority stake in LibanPost, an agile forward-looking postal operator with high international credentials. The company comprises a retail network of 100+ post offices as well as the largest distribution force on the ground covering the Lebanese territory.

    Having diversified its activities to encompass financial and retailing services, LibanPost is best known by the Lebanese to be their “Daily Life Facilitator”, as it positioned itself as the trusted intermediary between public administrations and the citizens.

    Agile, LibanPost added to its initial offering, with time, completely new business lines such as the car plates service in 2018, to assist the Ministry of Interior, and a marketplace in 2020, offering Lebanese gems and various categories of items sought for by Lebanese e-commerce shoppers.

    Quality being very important for the company, LibanPost relies on automated processes and technology where possible, and every piece of mail is tracked from entry point to final destination. The company is certified ISO 9001 for Management and Operations, as well as by the Universal Postal Union for Quality Management.

    The ensemble of awards the company won, crowned by the Postal & Parcel Technology International “Service Provider of the Year” Award, highlights its quest for excellence. LibanPost’s Chairman was also recognized by instances such as the UN Global Compact, the Schwab Foundation and the World Post & Parcel. Looking ahead, LibanPost continues its digital transformation journey and the brand will not hesitate to spread its reach into new fields, as synergistic and strategic opportunities arise.
  • CGI Conseil et Gestion Immobiliere

    Conseil et Gestion Immobilière (CGI)

    This arm of the Saradar real estate strategy focuses on property investment and development, taking an active role in the projects it invests in to deliver above-average returns with tight risk management and complete control on the quality of the end product.

    Created in 1998, CGI has built a reputation for integrity, reliability and innovation through its diverse investment projects in Lebanon. Its primary focus has been on the purchase and development of land in exclusive locations within Beirut’s Ashrafieh district, a prime, central location with attractive returns. The portfolio combines mixed-use towers and clusters with pure residential plays, including large scale residential project Place Pasteur, a gated community with five low-rise buildings and a 36-floor tower with panoramic views of the capital, right on the sought-after Gouraud and Pasteur streets.

    To diversify its strategy and capture even more attractive returns, CGI now seeks to build projects in areas that have remained underdeveloped. The aim is to act as a catalyst for the area to grow and expand, increasing the value of the initial development through the higher attractiveness of the neighborhood. Harbor 970 is a prime example of such projects, located in Beirut’s art district with 17,000m2 of office space and 4,400m2 of retail locations.

    This two-pronged approach to its real estate assets makes CGI a daring and innovative force in the real estate landscape.
  • Saradar Shared Services

    The company is a service provider. Its expertise spans across an array of tailored business solutions, such as commercial activities, innovative marketing and digital services. 
  • Klevr

    Klevr is a technology and marketing agency specialized in software development and marketing consultancy to deliver cutting-edge solutions and growth strategies. We believe that our core value resides in our deep understanding of how a business can digitize its operating model coupled with a strong team of digital and marketing experts that have the capabilities in transforming products and brands to elevate them to the next level.

    Klevr is a registered trademark operating under the legal umbrella of Saradar Shared Services sal.